Unpacking And Packing Tips For Moving

Posted onMay 1, 2016 by Arrow Moving & Storage

When in doubt follow these unpacking and packing tips for moving.

You just moved into your perfect new home but all you see are stacks of boxes. What to do next? We have compiled a list of unpacking and packing tips for moving to help. Arrow Moving has been in the moving business for years and can offer some simple tips to help your unpacking go more smoothly.

Go back to the beginning. When you are packing try and think of the order in which you will be unpacking. Essentially pack exactly as you will unpack with the stuff you will need the most near the top. Think of it as last in first out.

Use hanging boxes to make moving clothes a piece of cake. The hanging boxes you can purchase from Arrow Moving will make unpacking clothes easier than you could have ever imagined. It is one of our easiest packing tips for moving. Instead of unfolding everything and moving it back into a dresser just take them off the rack of the box and put them on the rack in your new closet. Couldn’t be easier.

When moving things like toy boxes or desks try and make the most of that space. If you secure everything in a drawer or box correctly and within reason it shouldn’t be too difficult to ┬ámove into your new house. By the time it is in its new home there will be no need to unpack and replace everything. One less thing to worry about.

Order out the first night. It may take you some time to get all of your dishes and kitchen items out of boxes, not to mention all of your food. Why not go the easy route and order some take out. Paper plates and pizza boxes can be easier to deal with while unpacking than trying to wash dishes.

Regardless of how you unpack Arrow Moving and Storage is your best option to make sure everything gets to your new home or office safely and on time. Give us a call for a quote today.

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