Ten Most Forgotten Items When Moving

Posted onJanuary 25, 2012 by Arrow Moving & Storage

forgotten items when movingWith more than 43 million Americans moving this year, odds are even the most organized may not remember every detail and item of a move. Arrow Moving and Storage suggests adding the following ten points to the top of your preparation list:

  1. For the record — Obtain copies of you and your family’s medical records, including dental and vaccine/immunization information, as well as veterinary records. You might consider transferring current prescriptions to a drugstore in your new town. Also, be sure to obtain your child’s permanent school records. School records are usually required when registering your child at his/her new school.
  2. Buried treasure — If you’ve hidden any valuables around the house, be sure to collect them before leaving. You should carry valuable items such as jewelry with you or keep them in a safe deposit box instead of packing them on the moving van.
  3. Old phone numbers — Pack phone books from your existing residence to take with you. You may think you’ll remember the numbers you frequently call now, but more likely you’ll spend a small fortune on directory assistance charges to contact old friends or tie up loose ends.
  4. Taken to the cleaners — Remember to collect all items that are being cleaned, stored or repaired (for example, dry cleaning, shoes, watches, etc.). Also, remember to return library books, movie rentals and anything else you may have borrowed or rented.
  5. What’s your new address? — Keep your new address handy. In the flurry of preparing for a move, you may forget your new address — important information when forwarding periodicals, mail, credit card bills, and keeping in touch with old friends.
  6. Spic and span — Remember to keep cleaning supplies accessible for the final “once-over” before closing the door for good, or make arrangements for a service to clean for you. To reduce the amount of things you take with you, you may use previously purchased cleaning products then throw away the empty containers when you leave.
  7. Garage door opener — Many people often forget to take the garage door opener out of their automobile before leaving. Remember to leave the opener for the new residents.
  8. Remember “Rover” — In most cases, moving companies cannot transport animals or plants. Plan ahead and make arrangements for their safe transfer.
  9. Bank on it — It’s wise to open a checking account in your new town about a month prior to your move so you have immediate access to your funds. It enables you to have a little cash on hand for unexpected expenses. On occasion, retailers decline to cash out-of-town checks.
  10. Keys to success — Remember the collection of spare house keys. Whether it means retrieving keys from neighbors or from under the rock next to the front door, don’t forget to gather all sets before you move.

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