moving fine art

How to Safely Move Your Fine Art, Antiques and Heirlooms

Posted onAugust 3, 2017 by Arrow Moving & Storage

moving fine art

It’s finally happening! You’re making the move. Whether you’re relocating across town, across the state or across the country, you want to make sure all your belongings get to your final destination in one piece, safe and sound.

There are some items, however, that may require extra careful handling due to their sentimentality or value – such as your fine art. With the right moving company on your side, you can rest easy knowing your fine art is packed, moved or stored with the care it deserves.

Packing It Up

The first step to ensuring all your most important fine art pieces get to your new home, place of business or storage unit safely is proper packing. As much as we would like it, all fine art is not created equal. A family heirloom statuette, for example, must be packed differently than a priceless painting.

Luckily, with the packing expertise of professional movers, like those at Arrow Moving & Storage, you can rest assured your art will be packed delicately and securely using our industry best practices.

Once the art is wrapped in protective layers of padding, cling wrap or bubble wrap, our moving professionals will recommend crating your valuable in sturdy wooden crates. Custom-built crates will provide the extra protection cardboard boxes simply can’t offer while also preventing tossing and tumbling during the move.

Making the Move

Moving your fine art and antiques can be tricky if you aren’t experienced in hauling wooden crates with care.

First, keep the weather in mind for both the painting’s and your sake. Moving during a warm day is not only miserable for you, but also could cause any painting you may have packed away to melt.

For this reason, moving heat-sensitive valuables during fall or winter is recommended. If the moving day must happen during the spring or summer, you may instead benefit from temporarily storing your paintings in a climate-controlled storage unit with Arrow Moving & Storage.

Other antiques, valuables and art can be moved as usual with the help of Arrow movers. Upon arrival at the final destination, your movers will assist you with unloading, opening and removing your pieces gently.

Protecting Your Valuables

Still worried about potential damage to your fine art and antiques? Arrow Moving & Storage offers transparency and protection for every client’s belongings. Insurance is recommended and available for purchase to cover all your belongings, not just your fine art.

Additionally, before any packing is done, our moving professionals will take inventory of your belongings and their condition, so you can check how we did as soon as you arrive in your new home.

Enjoy a More Stress-Free Move with Arrow Moving & Storage, Inc.

Moving fine art doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking! The professionals at Arrow Moving & Storage make it their mission to provide the best service possible to Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City and San Antonio residents, no matter where you go.

Trust your belongings to Arrow Moving & Storage today. Contact us online or call 800-593-6683 to receive a quote.

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