How to Move Safely in the Winter

Posted onDecember 1, 2014 by Arrow Moving & Storage

Getting ready to move to the Rockies? Congratulations! The area is beautiful, and the job market is promising. But moving out there in the winter can be a little challenging, especially if you’re not accustomed to snow.

Here’s how to handle your upcoming move.

Talk With Your Movers

If you hired movers based in the Rockies, they will know how to handle winter moves. But you should still ask a few questions to make sure everyone’s prepared for all kinds of winter weather:

  • How many days have they planned for your move? If a storm hits while the movers are driving, they may need an extra day to complete the move. If they’re overbooked, they may have to drop your things off in a storage space for you to deal with later. Look up how long it usually takes to move to your new home, and then ask your movers to schedule another day or so on top of that.
  • What are your insurance options? Even the most experienced drivers can get in accidents when the roads are covered with ice. So ask your moving company about the insurance they offer. Usually, you can get a policy that pays you by the weight of the items. If you have home insurance or renter’s insurance, call your insurance provider and see how they cover moves.
  • What safety precautions do you take? You may feel nosy asking this question, but you’re trusting all your possessions to this company! Ask about chains, snow tires, driver qualifications, and vehicle inspections. You can never be too sure that your belongings are safe.

If You’re Driving . . .

Now that you’ve prepared the movers, it’s time to make sure you get to your new home safely. If you plan to brave the winter and drive, get your care ready for the trip. Here’s how:

  • Get your car tuned up. Your mechanic should look over your car before you drive through Rocky Mountain winter. Pay special attention to your fluids and tire tread.
  • Check the weather. The week of your move, check the weather in each major city you’ll pass through on the move. If you notice a nasty storm, you can either find a different route or drive out early enough to beat it. In that case, appoint a close friend to oversee the packing and loading while you drive.
  • Stock your car. Storms can hit quickly in the Rockies. You need to be prepared to get stuck in your car. Pack emergency blankets, a toolkit, and an emergency kit. Also, make sure to pick up snow chains that fit your car’s tires.
  • Drive safe. Promise yourself to stay safe as you set out to your new home. If you ever feel uncomfortable about the weather you’re driving in, take the next exit and find a motel. Call your movers and ask if they can accommodate the delay. You may need to rent a storage area and live out of a hotel until the movers have time to complete your move, but any inconvenience is better than a devastating car accident.

If You’re Flying . . .

There’s no shame in avoiding a long car trip during the winter. You’ll just need to find a service to transport your car for you. You could hire an open-air car carrier or a professional driver to get your car across the country. Once again, check their company insurance as well as your car insurance to see what’s covered.

The only downside to flying is how expensive it can be. To save money on plane tickets, make sure your move doesn’t overlap with
any holiday weeks.

Now you’re ready to move to your new home. Call your movers today, and enjoy your new hometown!

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