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What to Consider Before Buying a Tiny Home

Posted onNovember 1, 2017 by arrowadmin

Homeowners across the country have begun to shun the average American single-family home in lieu of a revolutionary new lifestyle. The tiny house revolution is gaining members quickly, especially with the advent of a culture that prioritizes experiences over possessions. Tiny homes are excellent ways for homeowners to declutter and downsize while seeking adventure. However, living in a home specifically designed and built to be smaller than 400 square feet isn’t for everyone. Before buying or building your own tiny home, you may want to consider a few important factors.

Will it Fit Your Lifestyle?

Buying, building and living in a tiny house is a commitment to a less materialistic lifestyle. This sounds great to many people, but others may not be able to handle the close quarters and the loss of their superfluous possessions. Remember: that’s okay. Homes are incredibly personal investments, so it makes sense they aren’t one-size-fits-all.

If you can handle the downsizing, consider, then, if you even want to live in a portable, towable home. Tiny houses are overwhelmingly considered trailers or RVs, meaning you’ll require a vehicle that can tow your house as well as a place to park it. If the portability is part of the charm for you, then you and your tiny home are simply meant to be!

Location, Location, Location

As stated, most tiny houses are portable trailers that can be towed by a vehicle. Due to zoning laws, you won’t be able to simply purchase an empty lot in your favorite suburban neighborhood and set up shop. Portable tiny homes are often classified as RVs, so you may find the perfect lot to rent or buy in a nearby campground or RV park.

Don’t worry, though. If living among tents and RVs is less than appealing, your tiny home can also be parked in friends’ or family members’ yards or even in specified tiny home communities where you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded homeowners. Just keep in mind that these communities are few and far between and often have a long waiting list, as many people are excited about this new way of living.

The moral of the story is, you need to plan where you’re going to park your tiny home ahead of time, and you need to be sure your location is legal. You don’t want to pick the perfect tiny home without someplace to put it. Consult with the zoning department in your city or state before committing to purchasing the land on which to construct or park your tiny home.

The Bottom Line

Part of the universal appeal of a tiny house is its smaller price tag. Homeowners love that they can custom build a beautiful little home for significantly less money than they’d spend on a traditional single-family home. However, tiny homes aren’t without their surprise fees and payments.

There are plenty of pre-built tiny homes available for purchase, but most home buyers are searching for something that will fit their unique needs. Luckily, homebuyers can turn to one of many custom tiny homebuilders to craft their specially-designed home from scratch, though this may cost you extra in labor and design costs.

Beyond the home itself, homebuyers need to rent or purchase their ideal lot of land on which to park their creation. Whether you have a mortgage or lease on your lot, you’ll need to take into account the monthly costs associated with your parking space. Tiny homes aren’t quite houses and aren’t quite trailers, strictly speaking, so you’ll need to apply for building, utility and plumbing permits to set up those creature comforts in your tiny house. Governmental administration fees can add up if you aren’t prepared.

Because tiny houses are towable vehicles, also consider the storage and fuel costs associated with transporting your home. Though many homeowners choose to stay put once they set down roots, some love the idea of picking up and traveling with their tiny home, so fuels costs could skyrocket.

Fear not, tiny homebuyer. All these fees and monthly payments don’t have to be scary. Many of these are startup costs that will only recur if you change locations. In addition, tiny homes are still eligible for loans from your local mortgage broker, bank or tiny home builder.

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