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Long-Distance Moving: How Far Will You Go?

Long-Distance Moving: How Far Will You Go?More Americans are moving now than ever before, and much farther than in the past. A study conducted by The U.S. Census Bureau in 2015 revealed that Americans are relocating much farther than they have in the past, often to new counties and even across the country. The study found that most Americans relocated to secure cheaper housing, be closer to family or transfer to a new job.

Moving long-distance is never easy, especially when moving your whole livelihood and all your belongings. Moving cross-country can also be expensive. Depending on the route and distance, the average cost of moving is between $2,600 and $4,400.

It’s important to carefully plan your move to save on moving costs and ensure a smooth transition. Here are some ways to plan for a smoother moving experience.

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

  • Plan Ahead Long-distance moves are a major life event and should be treated as such. You should reach out to moving companies the minute the decision to move is finalized. Finding a moving company at the last minute is risky, but by reaching out ahead of time moving companies can lock you into their moving schedule.
  • Get an Estimate – Shopping around by getting multiple estimates is never a bad idea. Have a moving representative from the companies you’re considering examine and conduct a survey on everything that needs to be moved. They can provide you an accurate price of your move and give you a sense of how the moving company operates. A company that doesn’t perform in-home surveys should raise red flags. A company that provides an onsite estimate ensures you get a reliable, upfront price estimate for your move and also sets the expectation that the price will remain fixed, with no surprise charges.
  • Downsize as Much as Possible – Before you move, it’s best to cut down or get rid of things you don’t need. Not only will it save you space, but it will also help you save money on moving costs, as the more items you ship, the more you’ll have to pay. Try hosting a garage sale to sell old items and make some extra money on the side. Donate the rest to Goodwill or Salvation Army to help families in need. If you’re moving from a snowy region to somewhere warm like Southern California, ditch the snow shoes and snow blowers because you certainly won’t need them.
  • Moving Expenses Are Tax Deductible – Moving expenses are tax deductible for people relocating for work. Make a note to deduct moving expenses when you file your taxes in spring and save documents and receipts that show when you moved and how much you paid to move.
  • Scope Out Your Destination – Moving to big cities can be tough, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them. Consult your movers about the area you’re moving to and how to best navigate difficult roads. If you’re not able to follow them, research routes online to identify road closures so you’re not stuck scrambling to find another route in the midst of moving.

 Long-Distance Moving with Arrow Moving

At Arrow Moving we have the ability to move any size household or business with our large fleet of moving trucks and excellent moving crews. Our moving crews are specialized in managing international moves and helping seniors with the moving process, ensuring we have the capabilities to assist with even the most complicated of moves.

Our moving consultant will come to your home or business to provide you with a written estimate of moving costs. We make our moves budget-friendly, and each move with Arrow Moving & Storage offers the following benefits:

  • Professional, Uniformed Staff
  • Full-Service Packing
  • Quality Packing Materials
  • Online Shipment Tracking
  • Licensed and Bonded
  • Unpacking and Debris Removal
  • Crating for High-Value Items
  • Short and Long-Term Storage

Contact one of our veteran moving consultants to get started on your personal moving plan today!

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Why Choose Arrow Moving & Storage for Your Next Move?

Why Choose Arrow Moving and Storage for Your Next MoveMoving homes can be a stressful experience, during which it feels like you can’t possibly keep track of all the little things. Did you remember to donate those extra clothes? Do you have enough boxes? Will the moving truck fit your couch? You can address all these problems by hiring a professional mover, who can help provide guidance, supplies and the services you need to make the process as hassle-free as possible. With so many moving companies in your area, how do you choose who to allow into your home? With Arrow Moving and Storage, you can rest assured your possessions will be packed, moved and unpacked in a timely manner by honest staff, no matter the distance.


When hiring a moving company, you aren’t just looking for two people and a pick-up truck running out of someone’s garage. After all, moving is more than just taking items from point A to point B. It’s a commitment to making this milestone in a client’s life as simple as possible and treating their possessions, which may hold monetary and emotional value, with respect.

The understanding and professional know-how required of the successful mover comes from years of experience in the industry. At Arrow Moving and Storage, we back up our moving prowess with 80 years of experience. When you come to us with your moving needs, we use the best practices to ensure the job is done well.

Fully Equipped

Whether you’re moving your family to a bigger home or your 20-year-old business to a new office, Arrow has the equipment to safely transport all of your most valuable assets. Our full-size moving trucks can help make your move in as few trips as possible, and we can perform your move when it’s most convenient for you, such as after you get home from work or after your business closes.

Got an item or piece of equipment, such as fine art or medical equipment, that is sensitive or extremely valuable? Arrow has you covered. We employ movers with years of experience who specialize in time-sensitive, gentle transportation of all your most delicate or valuable items. Our satellite tracking systems can keep track of your possessions en route, and our load planning technology keeps the entire move running as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Nowadays, it seems like anyone can call themselves a professional mover. At Arrow, we recognize that trust is the most important determining factor when you’re deciding on a residential moving company with whom to work. We appreciate you allowing our movers into your home or place of business, and reward that trust with gentle, hassle-free moving from the most experienced movers in the industry.

Still not sure? We are a licensed and bonded company requiring all our movers to pass the Quality Labor Certification exam, which includes 25 hours of classroom training and assessments in more than 160 moving skills.

Many moving companies will try to pull the wool over your eyes with verbal quotes and no guarantees. With Arrow Moving and Storage, we provide you with a free quote on paper, so you know what you’re paying for right from the beginning. Now that’s transparency.


No matter the distance of your move, Arrow can help you make the trip. From neighborhood to neighborhood, state to state, or country to country, you can expect the same spectacular service from the same spectacular movers. We provide moving options to fit any moves you have planned for the future. Whether it’s a home, business or government move, you can trust that Arrow will get you there.

Getting Settled in Your New Home

Choosing a moving company is a huge decision. Don’t choose just anyone! Trust Arrow Moving and Storage with your next move to get you there and unpacked in no time at all. To receive your free quote, contact us online or call (800) 593-6683.

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Budget Movers: Affordable, Quality Moving with Arrow

Budget Movers for Local and Long–Distance Moving

When it comes to budget movers, look no further than Arrow Moving & Storage. Not only do we know about quality moving, but fair pricing as well. If you’re moving on a budget, don’t miss our great moving deals!

We offer moving packages to match every budget, big and small. As the best budget movers, we allow you to minimize costs while maintaining quality and safety. For example, our do–it–yourself moves allow you to securely store your belongings in a storage pod at your own pace. Afterwards, our team picks up the storage pod and delivers it to your location.
budget-moversNeed extra packing supplies? No problem! In addition to storage containers, Arrow Moving is your first stop for moving boxes and packing materials. If you’re doing the packing on your own, we’ll make sure you have the best materials to keep your belongings safe.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of budget movers services for your convenience. Services such as packing, unpacking and debris removal make your move easy and stress–free. Our professional staff is fully screened and trained to move belongings securely and efficiently. We’ll have you moving in no time!

If you need storage for any length of time, don’t miss out on our various storage facilities. We offer flexible contracts and great rates!

At Arrow Moving & Storage, we promise quality as well as affordability. We work one–on–one with our clients in order to find the best moving package for their budget. In the end, our goal as budget movers is to provide a positive moving experience at a great rate.

Discover Arrow Movings network across the Front Range! From Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, Salt Lake City to Utah. Our locations proudly serve our communities with short and long distance moves.



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How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Your Guide to Finding the Best Moving Company

It’s moving time, which means you’re looking for the best moving company for the job. Selecting the right moving company is a major decision. After all, you’re entrusting your belongings and home to the movers’ care.

A good moving company not only cares about your belongings, but also about your transition from one home to the next. Because moving can be a stressful time, professional movers are there to ease the relocation process. Most importantly, they allow you to focus on family and your personal life rather than on belongings.

best moving companyIn addition to genuine care for clients, the best movers are 100% professional. From efficiency to customer service, professional movers know their field. Oftentimes companies ensure quality with professional licenses. For example, all Arrow Moving employees are Quality Labor Certified.

Arrow Moving & Storage understands that moving belongings requires care and attention. That’s why we offer full–service moves, including packing and unpacking. Our moving team securely packs and transports all items, even fine art and electronics.

In the end, the best moving company provides a positive experience as well as a stress–free move. That means courteous, skilled moving professionals and timely, safe relocation.

Arrow Moving & Storage constantly strives to provide our clients with the best moving services. With locations in Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs and San Antonio, we offer both local moves and long–distance moves. We even offer international moving services!

Not only do we employ the most experienced and skilled movers, but also the highest quality moving equipment. From moving trucks with GPS tracking technology to durable packing supplies, Arrow Moving has your needs covered.

Our primary goal is to make your moving experience a positive one. If you’re in need of a moving company, contact Arrow Moving at 800–593–6683 or request a free moving estimate today!

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The Best Local Movers: Arrow Moving & Storage

Find the most efficient and professional local movers near you!

If you’re looking for the best local movers on the Front Range, look no further than Arrow Moving & Storage! With locations in San Antonio, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne and Salt Lake City, we provide quality moving services for local communities.

In addition to secure and professional service, at Arrow Moving & Storage we value flexibility. We’re your number one local movers for both residential moving and commercial relocation. Whether you need a full–service move or just moving equipment rentals, we have what you’re looking for.

Pick and choose from a variety of our local moving services!

  • –Full–service packing with our highly trained staff with Quality Labor Certification
  • –Special crating for fragile and high–value items, such as computers and fine art
  • –Packing and storage materials, including boxes and storage containers
  • –Short and long–term storage with no minimum contract
  • –Unpacking and debris removal at destination
local movers

Arrow Moving & Storage, the best local movers on the Front Range!

As a local moving company we know our customers’ needs. Therefore, we’re dedicated to building communities through local moving, storage and employment. That’s just one reason why most of our business comes from customer referrals.

Ask your neighbors in Cheyenne, San Antonio, Colorado Springs or Salt Lake City about their local moving experience with Arrow, and call us for a free moving estimate today!





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Colorado Springs Moving and Relocation: What to Expect

Tips for Colorado Springs Moving and Relocation

colorado springs movingColorado Springs moving has experienced a boom in recent years. With the combination of iconic natural sites such as Pikes Peak and solid job growth in military and high–tech, it’s no surprise that moving to Colorado Springs is an increasingly popular for both families and corporations.

Residential Moving in Colorado Springs

Moving your family to a new home can be chaotic and stressful, especially for families with young children. That’s why we are dedicated to making Colorado Springs moving organized, easy and stress–free.

Among our full range of moving services, clients can pick and choose their moving plan. Our residential moving services include moving truck rentals, storage units, full–service packing and unpacking, as well as high quality packing materials. We offer free in–home estimates, customizing our services to fit our clients’ needs and budget.

Corporate Moving in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a rapidly expanding city, attracting a variety of companies. Relocating to Colorado Springs is especially popular among companies based in the tech or military industries.

Arrow Moving offers expert corporate moving for electronics, furniture and equipment. Additionally, we offer relocation services for each companies most valuable asset: their employees. We have years of experience with employee relocation, working with families to make moving to Colorado Springs a positive experience.

Please contact Arrow Moving & Storage for further information about Colorado Springs moving.


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Portable Storage Units: The DIY Moving Solution

Portable storage units now available in Cheyenne and Salt Lake City!

Portable storage units are perfect for DIY residential moving. For Cheyenne and Salt Lake City families moving on a budget, Arrow Moving’s storage units allow flexibility in both time and cost.

Portable storage units in 3 easy steps:

  • portable storage units

    DIY moves with Arrow Moving.

    1. We deliver the storage unit directly to your home. Simply load the storage unit or contact Arrow Moving for our packing and loading services.

  • 2. Our moving specialists pick up the storage unit from your home. We transport the unit directly to your destination.
  • 3. Unpack the unit at your own pace or with the assistance of Arrow Moving’s unpacking crew. When the storage unit is fully unpacked, we collect it from your new home.

Our storage unit moving option is available at or Cheyenne and Salt Lake City locations. If you require residential or commercial storage between moves, we can also transport the unit to one of our five storage facilities.

Enjoy flexibility and savings!

Portable storage unit rental allows residential movers to pack and unpack on their own schedule. Because the process involves no moving truck rental, the storage unit can stay at your residence as long as you require.

Arrow Moving’s storage units offer maximum savings on moves, all while providing safe, professional transportation to your new home. In addition, our full–service packing and unpacking crew is just a call away.

Portable storage units are just one way Arrow Moving & Storage offers flexible moving services. We provide moving equipment rental and personel for all budgets and moving needs. Please contact Arrow Moving & Storage today to see how we can assist your next move.

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Your Salt Lake City Moving Guide

Salt Lake City moving: what you need to know

Is your family or company moving to Salt Lake City? Arrow Moving & Storage is here to help. We are the best Salt Lake City moving company, assisting in both local moving and long distance moves.

Salt Lake City is home to spectacular views of the Wasatch mountain range as well as the Great Salt Lake. If you’re new to town, get ready to try incredible outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding. As Utah license plates boast, they’ve got “The Greatest Snow on Earth.”


Salt Lake City moving is more popular than ever!

Thousands of people make residential moves and corporate relocations to Salt Lake City each year. The city’s population growth rate is double the national average. What makes Salt Lake City moving so attractive? In addition to perfect skiing conditions, Utah has one of the highest job growth rates in the United States.

As a mainstay Salt Lake City moving company, Arrow Moving & Storage is your go–to household and furniture mover. We are also one of the city’s most trusted commercial movers and employee relocation services.

Choose from a range of moving services, including full service packing, relocation and unpacking. We offer the latest moving equipment technology, such as GPS tracking technology for our moving trucks. If you’re doing a DIY move, remember to contact Arrow Moving for our moving equipment rentals.

Don’t stress about your Salt Lake City moving plans– let Arrow Moving & Storage make your move safe and easy!


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Arrow Moving: Your San Antonio Moving Company

Looking for a San Antonio Moving Company?

When it comes to finding a San Antonio moving company, don’t miss Arrow Moving & Storage! We are proud to provide the best moving services on the Front Range. Including San Antonio, our locations are dedicated to serving their communities with moving services, equipment and storage facilities.

Arrow Moving & Storage offers full–service moving and equipment rental for San Antonio moves. Whether you’re moving within the San Antonio area, out of state or to San Antonio for the first time, we’re the moving company you need.

san antonio moving company

Arrow Moving, agent of Mayflower.

Arrow Moving & Storage serves both residential moving and corporate relocation needs. If your corporation is undergoing relocation, Arrow Moving takes care of your company’s most important assets: your employees. We offer caring, helpful and prompt employee relocation services. Since 1970, Arrow Moving has helped employees make the transition to their new homes.

For residential moving, we are your San Antonio moving company for long distance and local moves. Our moving services include:

  • –full–service packing and unpacking
  • –crating for high value items
  • –short and long–term storage
  • –online shipment tracking

Above all, our number one priority is providing our clients with an easy, stress–free moving experience. If you need a San Antonio moving company, don’t settle for less. Call Arrow Moving & Storage today!



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Beat the Heat with the Best Moving Company

Making a summer move? Arrow Moving is your best moving company solution!

Summer is the season to look for your area’s best moving company. It’s the time of year the majority of Americans relocate to a new home. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that nearly half of all residential moving occurs between June and September.

Moving in the summer is ideal for a number of reasons. Especially in Arrow Moving’s home states of Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and Utah, the weather is almost guaranteed to be sunny. On the other hand, snow storms pose a real threat to residential winter moving. Summer is also a mobile season for families because children are out of school.


The rate of residential moving by month, courtesy of U.S. Census Bureau.


As the best moving company on the Front Range, Arrow Moving & Storage is ready and available to assist with relocations and moves all year round. We are particularly aware of the increase in residential moving during the summer. Our professional movers are prepared with additional staff and moving equipment from June through September.

best-moving-companyAt Arrow Moving & Storage, we understand that planning for a move is far from easy. That’s why we offer a range of moving services, from moving truck and equipment rentals to full–service packing, relocation and unpacking. No matter how planned or last minute your move might be, Arrow Moving is prepared to assist you with timeliness, professionalism and friendly service.

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