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What to Consider Before Buying a Tiny Home

Homeowners across the country have begun to shun the average American single-family home in lieu of a revolutionary new lifestyle. The tiny house revolution is gaining members quickly, especially with the advent of a culture that prioritizes experiences over possessions. Tiny homes are excellent ways for homeowners to declutter and downsize while seeking adventure. However, living in a home specifically designed and built to be smaller than 400 square feet isn’t for everyone. Before buying or building your own tiny home, you may want to consider a few important factors.

Will it Fit Your Lifestyle?

Buying, building and living in a tiny house is a commitment to a less materialistic lifestyle. This sounds great to many people, but others may not be able to handle the close quarters and the loss of their superfluous possessions. Remember: that’s okay. Homes are incredibly personal investments, so it makes sense they aren’t one-size-fits-all.

If you can handle the downsizing, consider, then, if you even want to live in a portable, towable home. Tiny houses are overwhelmingly considered trailers or RVs, meaning you’ll require a vehicle that can tow your house as well as a place to park it. If the portability is part of the charm for you, then you and your tiny home are simply meant to be!

Location, Location, Location

As stated, most tiny houses are portable trailers that can be towed by a vehicle. Due to zoning laws, you won’t be able to simply purchase an empty lot in your favorite suburban neighborhood and set up shop. Portable tiny homes are often classified as RVs, so you may find the perfect lot to rent or buy in a nearby campground or RV park.

Don’t worry, though. If living among tents and RVs is less than appealing, your tiny home can also be parked in friends’ or family members’ yards or even in specified tiny home communities where you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded homeowners. Just keep in mind that these communities are few and far between and often have a long waiting list, as many people are excited about this new way of living.

The moral of the story is, you need to plan where you’re going to park your tiny home ahead of time, and you need to be sure your location is legal. You don’t want to pick the perfect tiny home without someplace to put it. Consult with the zoning department in your city or state before committing to purchasing the land on which to construct or park your tiny home.

The Bottom Line

Part of the universal appeal of a tiny house is its smaller price tag. Homeowners love that they can custom build a beautiful little home for significantly less money than they’d spend on a traditional single-family home. However, tiny homes aren’t without their surprise fees and payments.

There are plenty of pre-built tiny homes available for purchase, but most home buyers are searching for something that will fit their unique needs. Luckily, homebuyers can turn to one of many custom tiny homebuilders to craft their specially-designed home from scratch, though this may cost you extra in labor and design costs.

Beyond the home itself, homebuyers need to rent or purchase their ideal lot of land on which to park their creation. Whether you have a mortgage or lease on your lot, you’ll need to take into account the monthly costs associated with your parking space. Tiny homes aren’t quite houses and aren’t quite trailers, strictly speaking, so you’ll need to apply for building, utility and plumbing permits to set up those creature comforts in your tiny house. Governmental administration fees can add up if you aren’t prepared.

Because tiny houses are towable vehicles, also consider the storage and fuel costs associated with transporting your home. Though many homeowners choose to stay put once they set down roots, some love the idea of picking up and traveling with their tiny home, so fuels costs could skyrocket.

Fear not, tiny homebuyer. All these fees and monthly payments don’t have to be scary. Many of these are startup costs that will only recur if you change locations. In addition, tiny homes are still eligible for loans from your local mortgage broker, bank or tiny home builder.

Make Moving Easy with Arrow Moving & Storage

When you’re ready to live a less materialistic life in a custom-built tiny house, we’ll help you get there. At Arrow Moving & Storage, we’ll help you tackle the strenuous moving process and transport your most necessary possessions into your new little home. Our professionally licensed and insured movers will handle all your items with care, allowing you to enjoy the start of your newest adventure. Contact us online or call (800) 593-6683 to receive your free quote today!

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Setting Up Your Own Home Gym

Getting in shape can be a daunting task for many individuals who aren’t used to regular exercise. Going to a gym and paying for an expensive monthly membership may also be contributing to those same feelings of anxiety. Why shell out a large fee just to feel uncomfortable at a public gym when you could set up your own workout space right in the comfort of your own home? It’s easier than you think.


Before you start breaking out the dumbbells and doing some crunches, you’ll need to find the perfect location to in your home. Location, however, is about more than simply having the extra space to do your yoga routine. It’s also about putting yourself in the right mindset for productive exercise. Dark rooms do nothing to inspire activity. Create your home workout space in a room with plenty of natural light and upbeat, energizing décor. Paint can do wonders to excite you. Slap a new coat of a brightly colored paint on the walls to inspire you to get the blood pumping.


Decide what sorts of workouts you’ll be doing. By planning your workouts ahead of time, you’ll be able to narrow down the equipment you need and that which you don’t. If you’re more interested in aerobics and flexibility training than cardio, for example, there’s no need to crowd your workout space with stair climbers and ellipticals. Figure out new, innovative ways for you to complete workouts without much equipment. Dumbbells, yoga mats and jump ropes are excellent starter pieces that can be used for many types of exercise.


Keep yourself and your floors safe before you start doing jumping jacks. If you have a hard flooring type such as cement or wood, you’ll need to provide some padding to absorb the impact of your workouts and protect both your joints and floors. Lay carpets, basket weave or foam mats to accomplish the job nicely.

If you’re new to creating workouts, you may feel unsure about particular movements. Doing an exercise improperly could cause you to injure yourself more easily. Install a mirror so you can watch yourself moving. If you’re doing a workout incorrectly, you can see it and correct it before continuing.

Moving and Storage Services in Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Cheyenne and Salt Lake City

With the perfect exercise room, you’ll be all the more inspired to take the next steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Not enough room in your current place to build your dream workout space? It may be time to find your next dream home with plenty of space for all your exercise equipment. Arrow Moving can help you during your transition into your new home. You can count on our friendly movers to provide dedicated, caring service throughout your whole move. Contact us online or call (800) 593-6683 to request your quote.

home gym infographic

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How to Create a Moving Budget Plan

Planning for a move – whether it’s just across town, to another state or clear across the country – can be overwhelming to say the least.

In addition to figuring out the logistics of how you’re going to physically get your family and all your belongings from point A to point B, you’ll likely have a long list of other individuals and companies to contact to ensure all outstanding bills are paid, services are terminated/activated and any other necessary actions are taken.

But before you start checking off all these other items on your to-do list, the first thing you should do is create a detailed moving budget.

Setting a budget will not only give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay before, during and after the move, but will also help ensure you don’t end up paying more in the long-run than you would’ve if you had taken the time to set a budget in the first place.

Here’s an overview of what you should include in your moving budget checklist to keep your expenses under control and avoid being shocked by the overall cost of the move once it’s all said and done.

Before the Move

Account for the cost of your final utility bill, any repairs you will need to make to your home or apartment and any other potential costs associated with leaving your home (e.g., home inspections/appraisals, advertising, cleaning, commission for selling your home, etc.)

Fees for terminating your lease (if applicable), bank accounts, etc.

Research local moving companies and contact the ones you’re interested in working with at least four to six weeks in advance to request a custom moving quote. Work with the professional movers (or the moving truck rental company if you choose to move on your own) to determine what size truck and any additional services or equipment you will need, as these factors significantly influence the cost you will be quoted.

Ask the moving company how much the included insurance will cover should any accidents occur during the move. If you have particularly valuable items that would exceed the included coverage, you may want to pay for additional insurance coverage.

Carefully consider the amount of packing/moving supplies you will need and figure these costs into your budget to your best ability, especially if you’re shipping your items.

During the Move

Factor in how much you will likely have to spend on the trip from your old home to your new one, including gas and any maintenance your vehicle will need before the trip if driving, airfare if flying, food, parking, lodging, etc.

After the Move

Account for how much you will likely be spending once you move into your new home or apartment, including: rent or mortgage payments, home survey fees, property taxes, security and pet deposits, costs associated with setting up utilities, cable and internet, and any other services for which you may be required to pay.

Keep in Mind…

No two moves are exactly alike, so while the aforementioned budget items are the most common costs people moving from one home to another tend to face, this is by no means a foolproof budget, and you will likely have several other things to account for that weren’t included above.

Once you have a rough dollar estimate in mind, you can help factor in the cost of these unexpected expenses by adding an additional 5-10% to your original estimate.

The Go-To Residential Moving Experts in Colorado, Texas, Utah and Wyoming

At Arrow Moving & Storage, we go above and beyond to ensure your household move is as quick, affordable and hassle-free as possible. To learn more about our comprehensive residential moving services or to request a free, detailed quote for your upcoming move, contact us online today.

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SlideShare: 7 Things to Get Rid of Before You Move

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you’ll want to take up as little space as possible in your moving truck for both your back’s and sanity’s sake. Some items aren’t safe for movers to handle, while others just crowd the truck and would be better donated or otherwise gotten rid of. Follow these moving tips in our presentation: 7 Things to Get Rid of Before You Move.

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Tips for Holiday Season Moving

Your guide to moving while making the holidays special.

Moving can add extra stress to the holiday season. Follow some of our tips and tricks to navigate holiday season moving!

moving vanMost people have more days off school and work during the holiday season. Rather than taking off extra vacation days, the holidays offer a built-in time to move and get settled. So even though it might be an extra busy time of year, in many cases it’s worth fitting in your move.

But how can you celebrate the holidays and make a big move at the same time? Your holiday season will be different from other years, no doubt. But that’s no reason to not make the most of the most special time of the year.

Surviving Holiday Season Moving

For residential moving, it’s important to take some time off to be with your loved ones. The thing is, taking time off from the move requires extra planning and efficiency, so here are a few tips to help with your holiday moving plans.

  • 1. Ensure your mover is a licensed and certified in their field. That way you’ll avoid moving scams and make sure your belongings arrive safe and on time. Arrow Moving offers experienced, licensed, uniformed and professional movers for all moving needs.
  • 2. Separate your belongings between those you’ll need before and after the holiday season. For example, pack gifts, cooking supplies and special clothes separately. Label the boxes clearly. When you arrive at your new home, only unpack the boxes necessary for the holidays. Separating “before” and “after” boxes is a good way to reduce stress, as you won’t need to sort through your newly arrived belongings.
  • 3. Put together a holiday moving kit for young children. Include holiday–themed coloring books, games and other activities. If you have a long drive ahead, make sure to include calming holiday music and classic movies. This helps your children understand that this is still a special time of year, even with a big move.
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Last Minute Movers with Arrow Moving

Are you looking for last minute movers? Arrow Moving is here to help!

Opportunities and emergencies alike require last minute movers. Perhaps moving day crept up on you, or perhaps an urgent move was sprung upon you. That’s why Arrow Moving is here to make your transition as quick, easy and stress–free as possible.

At Arrow Moving, we’re experts at making time–sensitive moves. No matter how pressed for time you are, our moving services are available and ready for last minute requests. In fact, we reserve equipment and personel for emergency and last minute moves.

last minute movers

Our last minute moving includes packing, unpacking and cleanup.

Choose from various last minute movers services to fit your budget and needs. Additionally, our full–service moves completely take the burden of moving off your shoulders. Sit back and focus on your family’s transition– leave the moving to us!

If you sold your house early and need storage until you find your next home, Arrow Moving has you covered! We provide high quality storage supplies, such as shipping containers and mobile storage units. Additionally, Arrow Moving & Storage is home to extensive warehouses at all our locations.

If you’re not sure how many months you’ll need storage, no problem. We offer safe, affordable storage with no minimum contract.

Say good–bye to last minute moving stress! With Arrow Moving, it’s never too late to start your move. When it comes to last minute movers in Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Cheyenne and Salt Lake City, Arrow Moving is your answer. Call us at 800–593–6683 to discuss your move today!

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The Best Local Movers: Arrow Moving & Storage

Find the most efficient and professional local movers near you!

If you’re looking for the best local movers on the Front Range, look no further than Arrow Moving & Storage! With locations in San Antonio, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne and Salt Lake City, we provide quality moving services for local communities.

In addition to secure and professional service, at Arrow Moving & Storage we value flexibility. We’re your number one local movers for both residential moving and commercial relocation. Whether you need a full–service move or just moving equipment rentals, we have what you’re looking for.

Pick and choose from a variety of our local moving services!

  • –Full–service packing with our highly trained staff with Quality Labor Certification
  • –Special crating for fragile and high–value items, such as computers and fine art
  • –Packing and storage materials, including boxes and storage containers
  • –Short and long–term storage with no minimum contract
  • –Unpacking and debris removal at destination
local movers

Arrow Moving & Storage, the best local movers on the Front Range!

As a local moving company we know our customers’ needs. Therefore, we’re dedicated to building communities through local moving, storage and employment. That’s just one reason why most of our business comes from customer referrals.

Ask your neighbors in Cheyenne, San Antonio, Colorado Springs or Salt Lake City about their local moving experience with Arrow, and call us for a free moving estimate today!





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Need Household or Commercial Storage?

Quality residential and commercial storage– no minimum contract!

If you’re in need of residential or commercial storage, you’re in the right place. Arrow Moving & Storage offers extensive warehousing and storage services.  We are proud to be the most trusted storage company on the Front Range.

Located throughout the Western U.S., our five storage facilities include state–of–the–art warehouses and storage equipment. We are dedicated to keeping your belongings and materials safely stored and organized. Each storage facility passes an annual federal inspection, making our warehouses approved for military storage.

Our largest storage facility is located in San Antonio, Texas. With over 98,000 square feet of storage space, our San Antonio warehouse serves hundreds of clients. Arrow’s Colorado Springs warehouse measures at 60,000 square feet, offering residential and commercial storage for Southern Colorado.

commercial storage

Commercial storage in Colorado Springs and San Antonio.

For customers near our Cheyenne and Salt Lake City locations, we provide our customers with the best storage
equipment. Offering mobile containers and portable storage units, we ensure your belongings are safely stored for your move.

Enjoy quality storage services with no minimum contract! On top of excellent warehousing and service, Arrow Moving & Storage requires no minimum or maximum contract length. Just contact Arrow Moving to discuss your moving needs with our team.

We look forward to meeting your household and commercial storage needs!


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