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Aye Aye, Captain! A Seafaring Move

Posted onJanuary 9, 2018 by arrowadmin

Every move comes with its own set of challenges – moving to a home by or on the water is no exception. Water is a dangerous element that can easily damage your belongings without the proper preparation. Whether you’re moving to a houseboat or shuttling belongings into your new home via a dock, here are some tips to keep your property safe and preserved.

Setting Sail

Transporting boxes by sea or another body of water poses a significant risk of property damage. Before loading your boat, ensure it can handle your boxes’ weight without tipping over or sinking. Consider renting a barge service if you have a boat-access-only home, but be mindful of your dock size and sea levels to ensure the boat can safely dock. When you have selected your boat, load it carefully and keep boxes closer to the deck, as traveling on choppy water can easily cause your precious cargo to tip over. The best way to prevent this from happening is by tying your boxes down and covering them in plastic wrap to protect them from sea spray and moisture.

Keep in mind that docks have weight limits as well. Find out your dock’s weight limit before you use it to transfer your belongings into your new home. Elevated docks supported by posts are much sturdier compared to floating docks. Floating docks support less weight, so be mindful of the weight of your boxes.

Weight distribution is also important to remember when storing belongings in your floating home. Placing boxes on one side or spot in the home can cause it to tilt. Most homes are bulky enough to handle the weight distribution, but the weight disparity in smaller, lighter house boats can pose a significant danger, especially when water is choppy. Distribute boxes equally when placing them in your home or unpack them as you move them in one by one.

Move Your Belongings Safely to Your New Home with Arrow Moving

Although nautical moves are pretty rare, it’s nothing experienced movers can’t handle. No move is too challenging for the residential and corporate moving professionals at Arrow Moving. Our exceptional moving services are unmatched, as we have a trusty staff of professional movers that can pack and move any size household or business utilizing our extensive fleet of moving trucks.

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  • Unpacking and debris removal
  • Easy utility transfers with Updater

Arrow Moving & Storage reduces all the logistical headaches of moving by partnering with Updater makes it easy to transfer utilities, forward mail, update licenses with the DMV, notify friends and family of your new address and much more. Enjoy a significantly simplified process that reduces the stress of trying to remember all the things you need to update!

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