Arrow Worldwide Movers Presents The B Street Project 2012

Posted onJuly 30, 2012 by Arrow Moving & Storage

For the sixth consecutive year Arrow Worldwide manager Virginia Casto, is working to International Movers provide foster children in the Tacoma, WA area with bicycles.

The project’s namesake, “The B Street Project”, is the street on which Virginia lives and where she obtains seed money with a summer garage sale. This year she plans to work with a group called Rainbow Youth and Family Services and their director Charles Carson (who has an incredible story himself). They help identify the foster kids at risk who they can give the new bikes to. Hopefully this year they will beat the 20 received last year…


In addition, Arrow Worldwide donates funds normally spent on corporate gifts and holiday cards. Thanks to Virginia’s persistence, along with hounding her friends and family, 20 children received new bikes from Santa in 2011!

The project started six years ago around Thanksgiving, when she read a local ad for $25 bikes. Neighbor Tim Wedrosky accompanied her to purchase a bicycle for a giving tree donation, he offered to buy two bicycles and through a connection with the state foster kids program the project was born.

Despite rising costs, over 100 bikes have been donated through the years. Neighbor Tim Smith, pictured, assembles the bikes, as Virginia is not handy with the tools…

Why does she do it? Virginia never had a new bike as a kid and thinks every kid deserves one at least once in their life. Virginia’s mother was an orphan and, as an adult, always sent a donation to her local orphanage. Virginia feels it is a small way to honor her mother’s memory.

At 55,Virginia finally got her own new bike. It is one of her favorite possessions.

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