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Arrow Moves Sweetwater School District #1

Posted onSeptember 13, 2011 by Arrow Moving & Storage

Arrow Moving and Storage of Salt Lake City just wrapped up the move for the Sweetwater school district #1 last month with great success.  From the start we knew this would be a large and challenging project that had the potential to be very profitable with high customer service levels if planned and executed properly.  After the initial walk through with Mr. Paul Grube, superintendent of the school district, I thought it would be best to have Lance help me formulate a plan of attack.  With his help we decided to do a second walk through with the some of the key players.  Jim, Lance, Garrett, and I met with Mr. Grube, and the staff of the Jr. High to go over our game plan and our expectation for the move.  We were able to avoid a lot of potential problem by answering the teacher’s questions and directing them as to what to expect on move day.

Lead by Jeff, the move was completed ahead of schedule with no problems.  A week after completion I was contacted by Mr. Grube, thanking us on a great job.  We are working to build on this positive experience and hopefully become the sole provider for the schools in Wyoming.  Special thanks to Jim, Lance, Jeff and Garrett for making this special project look like business as usual for the Salt Lake Arrow office.

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