Posted onSeptember 6, 2011 by Arrow Moving & Storage

Ending my lease with TWO roommates was the best thing that ever happened to me … Until I met Markel with Arrow.

In one 15 minute meeting with Markel, she noted my massive collectuon of clothes and my furniture in her palm device··.
She then gave me 15 boxes, and tape- for no charge! I thought, “Surely I won’t need 15 boxes, I don’t have much.” I used every last one.

Then when the movers came,they were extremely nice, and fast! They moved my boxes wrapped my electronics and took my bed and other things apart and packed them for me!! It was the easiest move I have ever experienced!

Don’t let your friends move you, get a CERTIFIED moving consultant- It makes a WORLD of difference!

– Dan (Oklahoma City Location)

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