Moving Tips With Children

Follow these moving tips for making your move with children as easy as possible.

Everyone knows that moving can be hard on a child. Whether you are moving cities or simply moving down the street any change can be difficult if your children are small. Sometimes all of the change can be tough. Arrow Moving and Storage has some simple moving tips to help any family make the most of the moving experience.

Talk about it. This moving tip sounds simple but when it comes to kids nothing is ever as simple as it could be. The most important way to help prepare you and your kids for moving is to talk about it as much as possible and as far in advance as you can manage. It helps give the child time to process the future change and adjust their expectations. They may be excited at the new opportunities.

Timing is everything. If circumstances permit, it may be better to plan your move in the summertime while school is out if you have school age children. Giving your kids a chance to start a new school year fresh will make all the difference in terms of their adjustment and ability to make friends.

Get your kids involved. This moving tip may also seem easy to overlook. If you give your kids a chance to be involved in the process and even the selection of your new home you are giving them a sense of ownership and is an easy way to get them excited about the transition.

Get your kid’s help organizing a yard sale. If you are going to purge some of your possessions before moving day a great moving tip is to get your kids to help organize a sale. They can decide which of their possessions they are going to put up for sale (with your help of course) and even set the price point.

Plan the kid’s room. If you give your children the opportunity to plan out their new room in advance it will get them more excited about the move. You can let them sketch out how they want their bed to be placed in the room or even what color the walls will be. A little bit of personalization goes a long way when you’re a kid.

Arrow Moving and Storage can provide you with all the moving tips and tricks you need. If you need a trusted and competitively priced moving team, give us a call.

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Summer Moving Tips

Follow these simple summer moving tips to help your summer move

Summer time is here and for many people it is the best and easiest time to move. The weather is more predictable and the kids are out of school and free to help pack. For most home moves summer makes the most sense because summer is actually the peak home buying season. Check out some of Arrow Moving’s summer moving tips.

Keep your documents accessible. While school is not in session, documents like your kid’s school records or medical documents or your pet’s vacciniation records can all be important in the transition period. Depending on how far you are moving you might be dealing with new school districts, doctors and vets. Keep these documents in an easily accessible place so you are not sorting through boxes when the time comes.

File your change of address forms early. This moving tip is one of the simplest but also one of the most essential. If you take the time to change your address before you move the transition will be that much simpler and you will have one less thing to worry about on moving day itself.

Start packing sensitive items early to ensure they are safe. Making sure any fragile or important items are packed and ready to go in advance. A home can be a hectic place on moving day and you want to make sure your beloved items are safe from anyone tripping over or bumping into them. Arrow Moving and Storage can provide you with any of the packing material or advise you might need.

Contact your moving company with questions in advance. A pro summer moving tip is to contact your moving company to make sure you are following all of their guidelines. Most people have a list of non-allowables on the truck. These are items that you need to take in your own vehicle or arrange to be moved in another manner.

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Organize With A Moving Checklist

Use a moving checklist creates some organization on moving day.

Organization is the key to happiness and tranquility when it comes to something like moving. You can never underestimate the importance of a well thought out plan and clearly labeled boxes when push comes to shove. Follow these simple steps and create a moving checklist to keep everything sorted and prevent any stress in the moving process.

Keep all of your documentation in one place. A simple folder or according file storage can do wonders when it comes to keeping all of your documents sorted. You can keep things like your moving quote, all of the information that you have about your new home or business location as well as any receipts that might accumulate during the process.

Sort and purge any unwanted items before you start the packing process. Everything will go much more smoothly if you organize before things go into boxes. It will also help the unpacking process.

Label, label, label. It does sound redundant but it can be a crucial part of your moving checklist. Not only will it help you organize everything when it arrives at your new home but it will also help you and the moving company know how to group the boxes in the moving truck. A good sharpie is a small investment and can be a lifesaver.

Take measurements. It will help if you take measurements of all of your large items such as furniture and if possible have measurements of your future space for planning purposes. You can take all of this information, layout your future rooms and put it all in your moving folder.

Change your address. It seems like a simple step but it is one of the most important. If you take the time to sort your change of address before you start moving then you will have one less thing to worry about and will never have to go back to your previous residence to pick up any mail. It is an essential part of your moving checklist.

If you have any more questions or would like any personalized moving advice from the friendly professionals at Arrow Moving and Storage feel free to give us a call today.


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Moving Tips – Make Money Moving

Simple moving tips to offset some of the costs of moving

Everyone loves to make money. While the easiest way to save on moving costs is to hire a professional mover at a competitive price like Arrow Moving and Storage there are other ways you can recoup some of the expenses. Follow these easy moving tips to make money when you move.

Sell your unused moving boxes. Moving boxes might be a one time expense. You can get as many as the job needs from Arrow Moving and Storage but when you are finished with them instead of letting them waste away in the attic why not try selling them? Many sites such as craigslist or ….. allow you to list moving boxes and while it may not make you much it will certainly be better than nothing.

Sell extra furniture. Getting rid of some of the furniture you might not need in your new space not only makes your move day simpler and saves space but you can also earn an extra buck or two. Popular sites such as craigslist and eBay can be easy options to make some cash from older items. You can also check your local consignment store to see what sort of prices they might be able to offer. You can use the extra cash to go toward new furniture for your new home.

Old clothes can find new value. Online consignment shops such as thredUP or Tradesy can find a new home for some of your unwanted clothes and keep them out of your moving boxes. Of course giving to the local salvation army is also an option.

Old electronics and especially smartphones may not be as useless as you had thought. Gadgets may lose their value rather quickly but if you know what to do you can certainly recoup a bit of the cost. One of the easiest options is to head to an ecoATM. This nifty machine will take your smartphone, analyse the model and dispense money on the spot.

Of course the best way to save money when you move is to hire experience professionals such as Arrow Moving to handle the job correctly for a competitive price. Contact us today.

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Unpacking And Packing Tips For Moving

When in doubt follow these unpacking and packing tips for moving.

You just moved into your perfect new home but all you see are stacks of boxes. What to do next? We have compiled a list of unpacking and packing tips for moving to help. Arrow Moving has been in the moving business for years and can offer some simple tips to help your unpacking go more smoothly.

Go back to the beginning. When you are packing try and think of the order in which you will be unpacking. Essentially pack exactly as you will unpack with the stuff you will need the most near the top. Think of it as last in first out.

Use hanging boxes to make moving clothes a piece of cake. The hanging boxes you can purchase from Arrow Moving will make unpacking clothes easier than you could have ever imagined. It is one of our easiest packing tips for moving. Instead of unfolding everything and moving it back into a dresser just take them off the rack of the box and put them on the rack in your new closet. Couldn’t be easier.

When moving things like toy boxes or desks try and make the most of that space. If you secure everything in a drawer or box correctly and within reason it shouldn’t be too difficult to  move into your new house. By the time it is in its new home there will be no need to unpack and replace everything. One less thing to worry about.

Order out the first night. It may take you some time to get all of your dishes and kitchen items out of boxes, not to mention all of your food. Why not go the easy route and order some take out. Paper plates and pizza boxes can be easier to deal with while unpacking than trying to wash dishes.

Regardless of how you unpack Arrow Moving and Storage is your best option to make sure everything gets to your new home or office safely and on time. Give us a call for a quote today.

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